Acupuncture is a safe and effective manner of treatingUtrecht acupuncture both physical and mental health problems. Acupuncture is also a good way of improving your general health, giving you more energy and improving your feeling of well-being. It is a complete health system based on thousands of years of knowledge and experience.

To make an appointment you can send an email or phone me:
Telephone: 06-14865235

A session takes between an hour and an hour and a half and costs 65 Euros.

About me

Utrecht acupuncture DaanMy name is Daan Kayser. I am a native English speaker. I’ve been interested in Eastern philosophy and wisdom since an early age. What appeals to me is the practical application of this centuries-old wisdom and how you can strive to achieve a way of living that is in harmony with your environment. This led me to the study of acupuncture. In 2008 I qualified as a practitioner of Chinese medicine and in 2011 I completed my study in Traditional Acupuncture at the Qing Bai Academy. I then followed a one-year course in Western medicine.

In my Baidu practice I aim to help people achieve a healthy and happy lifestyle. I continue to develop my knowledge and insight by following various acupuncture courses. After qualification I followed a course of training at the acupuncture hospital in Vietnam. This was an extraordinary, instructive experience.


Since I was a child I have had many ear infections. After several operations the pain remaind. When I was 18 they told me at the hospital there was nothing more they could do for me. So I started acupuncure. Thanks to Daan 80% to 95% of my constant ear pain has gone. This makes me really happy. Daan is a sincere and friendly and realy takes time to help you. This means you are quickly at ease during the treatments
Lotte (19)

I came to Daan with leg problems due to over-exertion. I could only walk with difficulty. Because of his treatment and acupuncture I can now walk properly again and the pain is as good as gone. So its really worth visiting Daan with any health problems.
Wilma (53)

I always thought acupuncture was a bit airy-fairy, but decided to give it a try for my stress-related problems. I was immediately impressed by Daan’s down to earth and friendly approach. And it had immediate results! Right from the first treatment I felt more relaxed. I sleep a lot better now too and I have more energy. A session of acupuncture treatment has a calming effect on my mind and body.
Erik (39)

Thanks for all the advice and care you have shown during the period I was under your treatment. Indeed I must appreciate your patience and the care with which you carry out your profession.
Anand (32)

Daan is patient and shows you sincere interest. Because he asks a lot of questions I get the impression that the treatment is directed at the cause of my problems and doesn’t just treat the symptoms. I can’t really explain how or why, but since I’ve had acupuncture treatment I notice that I’m gradually experiencing a greater calmness in my body and my head.  
Yke (27)

Baidu acupuncture practice is more than just acupuncture. You get advice on nutrition, about adopting a more positive attitude to life, about dealing with stress, and practical tips about what you can do yourself to improve your health. It’s a very broad approach and therefore very effective.
Joost (32)

Acupuncture really helped me in reducing pain.
Ria (64)

Baidu acupuncture practice is a most agreeable practice to be treated at. Daan Kayser studied my symptoms carefully and I am very pleased with both the treatment and its results. One important plus: the practice is open on Saturday!
Selma (27)

Over the years I’ve been treated by several different acupuncturists and I must say that Daan is a very fine acupuncturist indeed. You soon feel at ease with him and he takes time to listen to your symptoms. The treatment is adapted to your specific situation and in addition he gives practical advice on ways to improve your health. I can heartily recommend him!
Anna (42)

Baidu acupuncture practice has been a good help to me. Daan Kayser is a dedicated, competent acupuncturist who is able to put you at your ease.
Irene (32)

I found the treatment at Baidu practice most agreeable. Acupuncture has given me new insight into the way I see my body and how it functions. Daan explained a lot about how acupuncture works. Thanks to his enthusiasm and experience I have learned to look at my body in a different way. I have again been made aware of the importance of relaxation, good nutrition and rest when it’s needed. Thank you.
Jolinde (23)